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domingo, 15 de mayo de 2016

How to request for a custom doll, 29 cms. mold

After many years of working with clay and mixed media, we evolved to other materials. We chose porcelain for its nobility and resistance, and we start to looking for new horizons for our work. Our porcelain dolls are made from our original dolls sculpted on epoxy clay but sometimes we sculpt the originals directly on the raw porcelain to make the master pieces or in plasticera. We make our own plaster molds from those originals. Painting, hairstyling and costume are made by our selves based on our own designs or on request of the buyer. From those earlier dolls and figures in epoxy clay we still preserve the use of acrylics, lacquers and mixed media details to finishing and embellish our dolls. We hope you find here what you are looking for. But if it is not, please ask and we will make an original custom doll for you. 
Most of the dolls already sold can be made again as similar as possible, always referring to made to order characters, or you can suggest a character to make, in which case we will request for pictures or drawings to establish all the details.
For our artistic dolls, the characters born form our very heart and soul, we can make, not equal dolls, but similar inspired characters, with different features but the same enchantment.
We work over the base of our blank standar pieces: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/... https://www.facebook.com/media/set/... We have options for the heads and body for the girls but male dolls have unique bodies. Some of the heads are unisex.
The starting price for a made to order doll is 180 U$D for one nude normal doll, 29 cms. tall,male or female, wich includes all the skin and face painting, a fixed wig in mohair or synthetic hair, a sinthetic leather protection at the joints, the assemblage and a stand. The hairstyling, costume and accessories that has been requested will be added to that starting price.
The resemblance of the faces with the requested character is made mostly with dimensional painting , but if you want a realistic face we can re-sculpt a raw porcelain head, in which case we will add an extra fee to the price of the doll, which is U$D 56.50 . We don’t take molds from the ooak heads, so each one is truly unique and it will not be reproduced. The processing time to make a doll is from 7-10 days for blank dolls up to three-four weeks or more depending on the complexity of the requested character. * Ask for the pieces in stock, if the piece you want is not available it can be made again, but in that case the processing time will be extended for a month or two, depending on the date in which we make our firing. * A non refundable deposit of the 50% of the value of the doll is required to reserve the commission. Ask for available dates to reserve.
Because some of the fabrics used in some characters,for example Daenerys Targarien, are hand painted and dyed they are not always the exact colours and tones of the original ones of the pictures. Also, it is not possible to replicate the decoupage motifs, but there are many similar motifs and colours to choose. Due to the artisanal nature of the dollmaking process none of our dolls is totally equal to another. Each one is one of a kind.

The porcelain casting molds are made from our original sculpted dolls. The porcelain slip is made out of white porcelain, non translucent, fired at 1245 ºC degrees. Our dolls have 18 points of articulation: neck, chest, hips, ankles and wrists are simple joints, while the arms and legs have double joints. The dolls are 29 cms. tall (32 cms. tall the males) and are strung with elastic cords. The joints are protected with sinthetic leather. They are painted with aerographer and tiny brushes with acrylics and pastels and sealed with an acrylic satin lacquer for a more natural look. Can be cleaned with a soft wet cloth. Do not try to scratch the doll surface or to apply solvents on it. If something ever happens to your doll, we offer free repair service for all of its parts . You will be charged only for the shipping. It is possible that the new pieces will not be exactly equal to the original, since every piece is slightly modified during the cleaning process before fire. The wigs are fixed but you can request for a removable one.
The cost of the doll and the shipment cost must be made before the doll will be shipped out. All our dolls are one of a kind, no comercial molds or prints of any kind are used to make these dolls. Shipping is made through EMS , with tracking number. The shipping time is 15 to 20 days depending on the destination and the custom policies of each country.

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