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sábado, 7 de julio de 2018

Rosenrot, with new upgraded Malena's bodytype , now available with sexy folk lolita outfit

bjd argentina porcelain ball jointed art doll bjd ooak arte escultura
Rosenrot is one of a kind , porcelain art ball jointed doll by Amado-Gravagno. 

She is a modification of our bjd body type Malena and was finished in the month of July, 2018. She is made from our original sculpted doll. She is entirely handmade, therefore , a lot of time and dedication is put in every detail.

This is one of the first copies of the new multi -jointed body .She has a new hip joint and double joints at the hips, providing her a new range of flexible poses. She also has the same delicate, expresive and detailed hands and feet, with french manicure. All the new pieces will be available at the same time and in the case of custom orders you will be able to choose how many and which one extra joints do you want included. You can see more pictures of her in this album: https://www.facebook.com/paulinagravagno/media_set?set=a.1810828922308322.1073741998.100001436942309&type=3

porcelain ball jointed doll bjd argentina escultura arte ooak muñeca

porcelain ball jointed doll bjd argentina escultura arte ooak muñeca

porcelain ball jointed doll bjd argentina escultura arte ooak muñeca

porcelain ball jointed doll bjd argentina escultura arte ooak muñeca

The lolita outfit, a little bit going back to our firsts models, is inspired in many folkcloric european outfits, it has some of the Netherlands and some of Bavaria, a lot of child books from our childhood and a little bit from the Rosenrot video from Rammstein . It has many pieces and includes three layered skirts, machine embroidered and embellished with ribbons and lace; a black velvet corsage with trim aplique and crossed ribbons for to close it; a white gatered top with tiny sleeves decorated with tiny handmade satin roses, a top hat in white rased cotton with also handmade satin roses and white stockings.

The ballerina shoes are also handmade, entirely sewn by hand, and I dare to say that are the most graceful fabric shoes I have made until now. It said that practice makes the master 

The wig is magnetic and made in viscose, styled with intrincate permanent braids.

The ears are holey.

The doll is assembled with elastic cords and the joints are protected with real leather in matching tones.

The stand was specially designed and made for this doll, and allows to show her in many poses. It is lined with velvet in the bottom.

Includes a stand an a certificate of authenticity signed and dated by us, Fernando and Paulina.

Shop links:

 *Shops online include the site commissions, you can also buy directly to us by sending a private messagge to paulinagravagno@hotmail.com or to  https://www.facebook.com/paulinagravagno

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