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lunes, 5 de agosto de 2019

Links útiles, arte bjd en Argentina y el mundo.

  Tratando de organizar un poco el blog iremos colocando aquí los links que consideramos más importantes; los articulos estan en ingles o castellano, pero iremos actualizando con el tiempo y agregando mas información sobre nuestras muñecas , artistas que admiramos y cosillas interesantes de la red .  Aquellos que deseen agregarse a la lista de links o tengan conocimiento de artistas, cursos o seminarios relacionados al arte de hacer muñecas bjd, dejen sus comentarios debajo e iremos completando la lista a fin de promocionar el arte de las muñecas en nuestro país. Gracias a todos por su visita :) !!!
Trying to organize a little this blog we will include in this post the links that we consider to be  the more relevant ones. There are articles in english and spanish; we hope  that at a certain point we will be able to have everything properly translated. There are info about us and our dolls, artist who we admire and interesting stuff from the web. Those who wish to be included on this list or that have information about sites, seminars or tutorials, leave the info in the comments below and we will include all that in the list for to promote the dollmaking art in our country.Thanks to all for your visit!!!

Our doll process and other doll´s info  

Lista de precios/price list

Planes de pago/Payment plans
Como ordenar (Argentina, actualizado 2018)
 How Amado-Gravagno porcelain ball jointed dolls were born (spanish, updated at 2017)
 How Malena, our new bjd mold, was made (2016)
Large porcelain Bjd dolls first prototype (2015)
Large porcelain bjd dolls (2015)
Upcoming bjd doll projects (2015)
The pinkies, tiny porcelain bjd dolls (2015)
Development of a concept, from the sketch to the final doll (spanish, english,2015)

Our shops and social media

porcelain_bjd on eBay 
 Porcelainbjddolls en Etsy  
Mercado Libre Argentina 

FB Paulina Gravagno
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 FB Group Doll's people
FB page Amado-Gravagno Porcelain BJD Ball Jointed Dolls
FB page Art and dolls from the world
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The old artwork blog: Arte y artesanías

Our tutorials,  in spanish and english:

How to assemble a porcelain bjd doll with elastic cords (New, in english, 2017)

How to assemble and disassemble a porcelain bjd doll (2013, in spanish)

How to paint your porcelain ball jointed Amado-Gravagno doll (for the moment in spanish, 2013)

How to make a temporal make up for a porcelain ball jointed doll (spanish, 2013)

Tutorials from the web and other interesting links

Doll as art, Hannie Sarris manifesto (english)
Art dolls definition (english) (definición español) (english)
Dollfie o doll figure (definición, en español)
 Bjd or ooak fixed figure mohair wig  by Hannie Sarris

porcelain bjd dolls Argentina

 Inspiring artists 

Enchanted dolls by Marina Bychkova
FHDolls by Aidamaris Roman y Gamalier Bravo
Virginie Ropars 
Marmite Sue Porcelain dolls
Frederique Halbardier
World of Froud
Rafael Nuri
Dorote Zaukaite
Noel Cruz Repaints

English forums

Home | Hearts of Clay

Argentina (artistas, grupos, coleccionistas, bjd info )

Grupo FB Argentina BJD

The Cannibal Ponny

Musume y Okasan

Carolina Sacco

Alejandra Luperini 

Dolls for trolls (fb group)

domingo, 24 de marzo de 2019

New available tiny dolls, Chloe#1 and Wendy

New available tiny dolls :)
Chloe#1 can be purchased following any of the links stated below, there is more information in each listing.

Body type: Meiko
Head type: unmodified Chloe head (first copy)
Size: 30 cms.
Joints: 18
Materials: 1245 C porcelain, acrylics, satin lacquer, leather, mohair.
Magnetic wig. Stand. Coa.


 Wendy can be purchased following any of the links stated below, there is more information in each listing.

Body type: Meiko
Head type: unmodified Elf head
Size: 30 cms.
Joints: 18
Materials: 1245 C porcelain, acrylics, satin lacquer, leather, mohair.
Magnetic wig. Stand. Coa.

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miércoles, 6 de marzo de 2019


Hi everyone!Commissions are closed now but soon there will be new dolls available and we will be announcing the new custom orders date. Please keep in touch for more news or else send a messagge to

Made by request, sold. Nubian queen.

sábado, 16 de febrero de 2019

Meiko mold: two new tiny porcelain ball jointed dolls ready to ship

Two new girls ready for shipping! This two dolls were made by request of two different customers. They both have the  tiny mold Meiko body, but one of them features a mini Malena headtype and the second one was specially sculpted and her name is Tiyè. Also, you can see the two different hip options of this mold. Each detail on this dolls was carefully handcrafted, they are fully artisanal and will not be repeated in a literal way. 
I am particularly proud on the hands of Tiyè, the tiny expresive fingers of this dolls was the most difficult ones I ever sculpted! I work always on the raw porcelain which is extremely fragile to make the major work, and let the final tiny details when is softfired, but still is so difficult! Of course that I would make hands like that again, I like to feel challenged XDDD.
I have added to this article some pictures that Facebook has censored!!! Aparently, the robot program still doesn`t understand that nudity of sculpts is in fact allowed by the rules of th comunnity T_T !!!
Anyway, you cansee a lot more pictures (not censored ja ja ) in our FB profile:

They are made in 1245 C degress porcelain, fired twice. Painted with acrylics and satin lacquer, joints protected with natural leather. Assembled with elastic cords. Magnetic mohair wigs. Handcrafted stands. Signed and dated at the back at the head and including signed and dated certificate.

martes, 12 de febrero de 2019

Work in progress February 2019

The kiln is open 😄!!! Now we must to clasify and organize the pieces, sand them and to prepare them for painting and assembling. During the following weeks we will be finishing the custom orders and sending mails. Meanwhile, here are  some progress pictures of the dolls being made this month showing the first layers od acrylic and satin lacquer; the ones in progress are already sold but during the next weeks we will have some available ones 

miércoles, 30 de enero de 2019


Bienvenidos a nuestro catalogo! Por el momento esta pagina està en construcciòn y esperamos completarla a la brevedad./Welcome to our catalogue! This page is under construction and we expect to be able of to complete it soon .
Para ver màs fotos o requerir informaciòn sobre muñecas disponibles o a pedido enviar mensaje a nuestro FB principal/For to see other works or to request info about available dolls or made to order ones send messagge to

Mold Malena

Altura/height : 32-35 cms. 
Joints/articulaciones: 18 
Materials: 1245 ª C porcelain, leather, elastic cords, acrylics, satin lacquer, steel hooks and axis. 
Wigs/pelucas: Magnetic wigs, in mohair, kanekalon or viscose.
Head  options/opciones de cabezas: Malena, Sansa, Sirin, Chloè, Nubia.
Body options/ opciones de cuerpo:  double hip joint*, waist joint*, Tango breast, Petite breast, Elegant waist, Graceful waist, ballerina feet, normal feet.
*Por articulaciones extra se añadirà un monto extra al precio de la muñeca./For extra joints a plus will be added to the final price of the doll.

Mold Meiko
Altura/height : 28-30 cms. 
Joints/articulaciones: 18
Materials: 1245 ª C porcelain, leather, elastic cords, acrylics, satin lacquer, steel hooks and axis. 
Wigs/pelucas: Magnetic wigs, in mohair, kanekalon or viscose.
Head  options/opciones de cabezas: Malena mini, Sansa mini, Sirin, Chloè.
Body options/ opciones de cuerpo:  Elegant waist, Graceful waist, ballerina feet, normal feet.

lunes, 28 de enero de 2019

Work in progress January 2019

January has beginned by preparing some new body options for Malena and a brand new head sculpt,Nubia. Just a little more work and they will be ready for the molding. With these new adds , Malena will have five head options : Malena, Sirin, Sansa, Chloe and Nubia, and two new pieces for the body, a small chest and another graceful waist type. 

Below porcelain pieces drying, they will go to the kiln during this week. You can see  a glimpse  of the new head sculpts, Nubia and Chloè, and a new master that we called Angelus. In the back, in the last picture, a tiny especial head made by request, Tiye.

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