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Hi everyone!!! I want to let you know that preorder is still open but available dates  are now APRIL 2023. Each listing in Etsy describes all the information.  The listings on Etsy are samples of some past works, you can suggest your own characters or changes or to ask for a different doll,  from my albums in facebook. Layaway is available. We ship worlwide. Check for sample listings on  or , if you want something special, contact to:  IG  Amado Gravagno Porcelain BJD (@porcelainbjd) • Fotos y videos de Instagram    FB  Paulina Gravagno
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Printful integration

Hi everyone😁! I am very glad to announce that I have beaten technology XDDD I was able to finally set up an integration of my Etsy shop with Printful, FB and Instagram ( so the store can be accessed from there too)🤪 So besides the available and made to order dolls you will find too some of my art,  old and new,  as digital download or prints. Many of these drawings and paintings was the inspiration for my first dolls and I have a special love for them. Many others are my tattoo designs for my dolls, that you can see in the other listings, in my facebook albums or in the featured stories of my instagram. I am looking for more of my old art to  rescue and scan for you, hope they make your life a little more beautiful and happy, just the way they do for me : 3 Have a lovely day 😘😘😘 / / #digitalart #artprints #geishapaintings #geishadrawings #dolltatt


 Hi everyone, welcome to my blog. Custom orders are again open for the following dates: ****CURRENTLY  ESTIMATED DELIVERY DATES: FEBRUARY- APRIL 2023 ***BLANK and NUDE dolls: estimated delivery date is for FEBRUARY 2023 *****for MERMAIDS and COSTUMED dolls estimated delivery date is MARCH 2023 ******** ***** for CHINA PAINTED dolls, costumed or nude, or complex dolls, tattooed or modified, etc. estimated delivery date would be APRIL 2023*** Each listing includes a time estimate. Layaway is available. We ship worlwide. Check for sample listings on  or , if you want something special, contact to:  IG  Amado Gravagno Porcelain BJD (@porcelainbjd) • Fotos y videos de Instagram    FB  Paulina Gravagno Blossom. Available.


  🌷HOW TO ORDER 💞 Blank, nude and costumed porcelain ball jointed fine art dolls by Amado-Gravagno. For updated info about currently available dolls and new dates for custom orders you can visit:   which is permanently updated. I will anyway post any new information in my main Facebook and Instagram accounts too. 🌟Those and other links here 🌟 ➡️HOW TO ORDER📝 You can buy through our stores   the currently available dolls or to request them directly by message. But if you want a special doll, a personalized one,  you can send us images or pictures of what you wish and we will make a free estimate for you. You can also request a similar doll to the ones in our main facebook page albums 💌 Message with inquiries to : /

Custom orders closed

 Hi everyone!  Custom orders are now closed. I started to cast and clean the pieces for a new kiln loading and can not add more dolls to this batch for now (lucky me :) ) I want to thanks  to my customers for their confidence and patience, this is a slow and complicated process and you have been very understanding.  These past months was very intense and I was able to finish some dolls I had from very long time in process that are available right now in my stores  @porcelainbjd | Linktree   I will concentrated on to finish custom orders in the next months and I am not sure when I will be able to reopen commissions or to make new personal work so this is your chance to get a doll right now.  Remember that layaway is available from two to twelve installments at your choice. Shipment is still made trhough DHL express  only  with tracking.  For any doubts you may have please do not hesitate to ask, I will very pleased to answer.

China painted dolls "Salamander" line

This page shows our new luxury line "Salamander". All the dolls in this line are entirely painted with china paints (third fire porcelain pigments), technique that elevate our dolls to a new level. China paints are fused at a molecular level to the porcelain surface and it will never fade or peel, nor be affected by moisture or light, or can be scratched. It is completely impervious to elements. We still will continue working also with the acrylic and lacquer finishing in a separated line, the same way we used to do it, so everyone who wish one of our dolls could have one.  All the pieces are painted with third fire pigments or china paints, that are special vitrifiable paints that are permanently bonded to the porcelain surface. China paints are translucent colors, that need to be applied in several thin layers to acchieve all the vibrance and deep of the colors, being fired between each layer at 750 C degrees. Some pieces, as the face, has more than ten china firings. The p


  Hi everyone! Custom orders are opened for August and September depending on the complexity of the requests. June and July are closed.  There are some listings with samples of past works in Etsy but you can suggest your own characters, in which case a free estimate will be made. Layaway is available from two to twelve installments. Shipping can also be splitted between the installments or to be added to the last  one. More sample s can be seen in the albums of my facebook  Paulina Gravagno And soon there will be also some available dolls , with acrylic finishing and china paint finishing. Check updates in my Insta