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May 2020: Current projects and commissions info

Porcelain blank dolls, sold. Meiko girls, reserved. Goddesses, sold. Little faerie, sold. Hi everyone!  As you can see in my FB bio , these past weeks were vey busy ones! First, I want to announce that custom orders are temporarily suspended , more or less until September-November; besides the orders that I am finishig, there is also a lot of ongoing, secret projects that need their special time! So we are saving a pair of months after the current orders to  Malena Angelus, sold. dedicate to them. But don't worry, we will still publishing new dolls from time to time, some of them will be available for middle June.  Those published in my FB are all already sold but you can also ask whatever you want to know about our dolls with confidence.  Little Sansa as Elf , sold. Kyra and Jen, sold. Porcelain heads on process, reserved Besides the orders we are currently finishing, there are some suspended projects, that little by little were taking

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