Blank, nude and costumed porcelain ball jointed fine art dolls by Amado-Gravagno.

For updated info about currently available dolls and new dates for custom orders you can visit:  which is permanently updated. I will anyway post any new information in my main Facebook and Instagram accounts too.

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You can buy through our stores  the currently available dolls or to request them directly by message.

But if you want a special doll, a personalized one,  you can send us images or pictures of what you wish and we will make a free estimate for you. You can also request a similar doll to the ones in our main facebook page albums

💌Message with inquiries to:


Or to my Etsy or Ebay stores


 Several payment media through Ebay , Etsy  and Paypal

You can ask for layaway from two to twelve installments. The doll will be shipped once full balance is paid.

If you choose two installments the second one can be paid once the doll is finished. From three to twelve installments, payments must be made monthly and the finishing of complex dolls will be moved to the end of the waiting list. The value of the shipping can be splitted between installments or to be added to the last one.

🌈*******Due to the one of a kind nature of this item THE 50%OF THE VALUE OF THE DOLL is considered a DEPOSIT and it is NON REFUNDABLE.*******


Once the doll is ready and full balance is paid, the shipping is made through DHL express only, with tracking. Can take from 5 to 12 business days to arrive to destiny. Custom policies of each country can alter this estimated timeframe. You can solicitate an insurance.

Ask for your destination if you don't see the shipping option in the listings.


Once the order is placed, a time frame in our schedule is reserved to make the doll.

We make several dolls at a time, due to the size of our kiln. The processing time once the process begins is 6-10 weeks depending on the details included in the doll. Blank dolls take less time than full costumed ones. This time frame is estimative, can be extended if anything fails during the firing, the porcelain is fragile during this step of the process and can suffer cracks or warping, in which case the pieces must be casted, cleaned and fired again. If modifications or extra items are added to the order during its realization, the delivery date will be extended too.



The porcelain casting molds are made from our original sculpted dolls. The porcelain slip is made out of white or marphil porcelain,  translucent, fired at 1260 ºC degrees. 


They are painted with aerographer and tiny brushes with acrylics and pastels and sealed with an acrylic satin lacquer for a more natural look. For an extra cost you can request china painting finishing


The dolls have from 5 to 21 points of articulation(usually 18): neck, chest, hips, ankles and wrists are simple joints, while the arms and legs have double joints. Some models have options for a waist joint and double hip joints as well as options for feet, waist , chest and heads. Sizes are from 11 to 37 cms. tall and are strung with elastic cords. The joints are protected with natural leather for protection and better posing.


Wigs are magnetic, in mohair, viscose or kanekalon. Ask for available colors and materials.


💝As for all our dolls I dedicate to them many hours of intense hand work to create an original and totally unique object d'art. Our dolls are one of a kind, fine art dolls, made from our original sculpts. No comercial molds of any kind are used for to make them, nor 3D design or printing are also used. This is a totally handmade item from start to finish.

When asking for a custom doll keep in mind that they are handmade from start to finish, all our dolls are unique works of art. Even when I take them out of the same molds they will never be identical, since during the cleaning process many tiny changes are made on the pieces, and then they can vary in size during the firing. When painting every brush stroke is different and colors can vary in tone with each layer of detail. Many things such as photo lighting, eye color, hair color and the available materials will make the finished look quite different. After the years, my process has also changed and this can be noticed in the evolution of my dolls. At this size scale the tiniest change on a eyelash or the border of a mouth can change completely the expression of a doll.  Although our dolls can look similar, they are never ever identical. Even if I try, no two dolls will look exactly the same. When asking for a custom doll please remember that you will not receive an identical doll from the ones in our gallery. Unless you are purchasing the ones available. If you are willing to accept all this, then we will be more than happy to make a doll for you 🤗🥰


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