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domingo, 10 de mayo de 2015

The Mandolin Player, one of a kind porcelain ball jointed doll figure

porcelain bjd argentina art doll

This doll belongs to an upcoming series of characters, wich each one of them will be a one of a kind character and it will be not reproduce, equal or similar, again, even under request. This series born as a way from our part of expand the horizons of our creativity. The technique applied to achieve the final look restricts the movement proper of a ball jointed doll but in exchange allows to experiment with more freedom with the elements of costume design and accessories, with other combinations of materials ,textures, colours and details. For each one of this upcoming dolls we have made new heads and body pieces, with different combinations between each other to achieve very different body shapes, more cartoonist and unrealistic and for this reason much more expressive.
art dolls argentina dollmaking artists

art dolls argentina dollmaking artists

One of the main inspiration sources for this doll came from the actual trend of the doll art from around the world, particularly russian, dutch and belgian. Also from different traditional theater and comedy characters, and from a particular historic era, the elizabethan era, when the theater develop most of its modern characteristics. We are not pretending to make an ultra realistic representation of the costumes and props of this era, we just take some elements of it and used it to enriches our vision of the final aspect of the doll.
As all our dolls, all the pieces are made in non translucent porcelain , fired at 1230 ºC degrees. As always,the original master pieces to make the master molds were sculpted by Fernando, while I , Paulina, made the finishing and costuming of the doll. For this particular doll, the head was slightly modified during the cleaning at the greenware stage, so no head will be totally equal to other.
This doll has 18 points of articulation: neck, chest, hips, ankles and wrists are simple joints, while the arms and legs have double joints. The doll is 32 cms. tall and is strung with elastic cords and metal strings. The joints are protected with synthetic leather in some cases and with decorative trim in other places. the trousers, sleeves,hat and shoes and socks are glued onto the figure pieces, the clothing is no removable. The lower and upper torso, and the arms are decorated with decoupage technique and protected with several layers of acrylic lacquer. The mandolin is made entirely by hand, without no molds, in epoxy clay, painted with acrylics and protected with lacquer. The mastil is reinforced with wood. The belt is attached with metal caps and is made with a dyed ribbon. The cape is detachable, made in velvet and lined with gauze, with gold trim and bead accents. The hat is fixed, embellished with dyed and curled feathers.
Includes a handcrafted stand.

art dolls argentina dollmaking artists

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