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sábado, 4 de julio de 2015

Muñeca retrato: bailarina para quince años Portrait porcelain ballet ball jointed doll for fifteenth birthday party

Porcelain ballet dancer  bjd made by request.
As usual, she is made in 1245°C degrees highfired non translucent porcelain. It has 18 points of articulation: neck, chest, hips, ankles and wrists are simple joints, while the arms and legs have double joints. The doll is 29 cms. tall and is strung with elastic cords. The joints are protected with sinthetic leather. The ballet shoes are also made in porcelain and it fit loosely to the feet.
muñecas de porcelana quince años

 The head is an unique head, sculpted specially for this customer portraying a young girl. No molds was taken from this head, so it will be not ever reproduced.
muñecas de porcelana bailarina retrato quince años
This picture shows some parts of the process of this particular doll. This young ballerina was made by request as portrait doll, ressembling the facial features of the customer's daughter. Here in Argentina there is not Sweet sixteen birthday party as in other countries, here the most special moment for a girl is her fifteenth birthday and is for that very special and sweet ocasion that this doll was made.
The head was made remodeling a 03 head from our catalog, working directly on the raw porcelain, adding clay where was necesary,  and meticulous carving in other areas with needles and tiny brushes to soften the surface. Then, as the rest of the pieces, was fired at 1245° C degrees in an electric kiln. The doll is very tiny, measures 29 cms. tall only, so the head is the size of a nutshell . It is a very demanding issue to work so detailed at this scale but it can not be more satisfying.
It is painted with aerographer and tiny brushes with acrylics and pastels and sealed with an acrylic satin lacquer for a more natural look.
The hair is a fixed wig made in soft dark brown mohair and styled with curls.
 porcelain ball jointed dolls argentina art dolls ooak ballet bjd

The doll includes an special custom stand which sustain the doll by one of any of her legs, that way the stand does not interfere with the fit of the dress and allows more freedom to posing the doll.
The tutú is made in two parts, the skirt made in tulle and crystal gauze and a corset made in satin with a lace applique enhanced with glass beads and sequins. It is closed at the back with crossed satin ribbons.

muñeca retrato bjd argentina

 The panties are made in a stretch fabric. The hair accessory is a detachable tiny clip embellished with guipure flowers, plastic pearls and crystal wired beads.
More pictures of the doll  and its process can be seen here:

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