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domingo, 20 de marzo de 2016

Here they are, our new bjd girls, Maxine and Lucienne.

Hi everyone!
As many of you may know, we were working in a very special project since the last year and, finally :D, after many goes and backs, learn new skills, make a lot of trials and errors, and some happy accidents, we are very glad to present to you our new porcelain bjds, Maxine and Lucienne. What begun as a single project ends becoming into two dolls, of different sizes and proportions. Also, because of their size and weight, they must be stringed with metal springs and cords, and to find the proper inner system and figuring out how to assemble them was an entire new issue. To make the molds was another challenge, the bigger molds we have made :3. We discover some new things too, like in a bigger size the schrink of the porcelain is a lot more noticeable than in the little ones. They took a lot more time to clean and refine, they are heavy  to handle, used as we are to the little ones, and most of the job is doing over soft fired pieces, except hands, feet and heads, which I prefer to make most of the work on the raw porcelain because of the detail they have(specially fingers) For the bigger pieces the cleaning is doing after the softfire with the wet cleaning method to avoid that damaging dust. The more big is the piece, more needs to be softfired to work on it, because it becomes more fragile. Pieces are more resistant in this stage. And for the last, they are highfired at 1245 C degrees in the electric kiln.
 The heads, feet and hands was specially challenging, and after pass trough many prototypes I must say we are really satisfied with the result. This was a period of a very intense learning, which is something that really never ends, and of course we expect to make even more beautiful dolls in the future, but in the meanwhile, here they are:

For now, for this firsts dolls, which are made with non translucent porcelain, the height is 55 cms. tall for Maxine, and almost 49 cms. tall for Lucienne. That may change in different firings, according with what type of porcelain we use (translucent porcelain shrinks more) As our previous dolls, they have 18 joints, leather protection, stand and COA. They can be requested as blank dolls or as a full personalized and costumed dolls. The base price for the dolls in blank, not painted or varnished, is U$D 650 for Maxine and U$D 600 for Lucienne. The doll can be reserved with a 50% non renfundable deposit  and must be fully paid  before shipment. Layaway is available. Shipment will be made only through DHL, with full tracking and insurance. Paypal is accepted. Also they will be published in our Etsy shop:

During this day and the next week we will publishing a lot of pictures we were taking :3, including pictures of the process. We will try to answer all of your questions, but maybe that takes three or four days, but don't worry, you will have our answer.

Messages and requestings can be made directlyto: 
Fernando Xulian

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