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martes, 17 de mayo de 2016

Miniature dolls for dollhouses 1:12 scale, blank pieces, made to order

After many months of working we are very glad to introduce you to our new line of miniature porcelain dolls, in 1:12 scale, for dollhouses.

The listing in our Etsy shop is for a made to order blank, unpainted, doll kit made under your specifications. Includes one head, one torso, a pair of legs and a pair of hands, dissassembled, with instructions for assembling, made in non translucent porcelain fired at 1245° C degrees. Blank pieces are carefully cleaned and ready for you to paint. You can choose two different male heads, and three different female torsos, attending of which kind of character you want to made. We usually finish all our porcelain dolls painting with acrylics and protecting with lacquer, but you can choose any media you want to customize them.
This are original author's dolls, made by us. Prototypes and molds are made by our own, no comercial molds are used in any step of the process. We made this dolls with the same care and dedication that we put on our porcelain ball jointed dolls.

For more pictures and process of the doll, you can go to :

From the same torso, you can ask for the variants as in the pictures. For the moment, there is only one head for the girls, and two for the boys. The female feet are pointed, considering that most of the figures then are dressed with high heel shoes, but you can request for flat feet if desired.
They can be assembled with pipe cleaners and then stuffed (with, for ex., fiberfill, polyfill, batting, cotton wool) The head must be secured with a two components glue or a similar one.
The girl size once assembled is 15 cms. tall from head to heel and male is 17 cms. tall.

You can also request for painted, assembled, wigged or full costumed ones. You can send pictures or drawings of what you want and we will make a free estimate for you. For any custom order, reserves must be made with a 50 % deposit in advance; rest of payment and cost of the shipment can be paid when the doll or dolls are finished.
Delivery on blank kits made to order is about 4 – 6 weeks, by certified airmail, but you can choose Epress airmail or EMS, ask for the price of each one.


You can see more pictures and request more information on our main facebook page:

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