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sábado, 3 de marzo de 2018

New porcelain bjd dolls in progress!!!

Hi everyone! March is already here and there is a lot of work in progress right now: we updated the old mold Meiko (our first porcelain mold), the molds are ready, the plaster is still curing, but soon we will made the first copies; meanwhile, a part of the new kiln loading is ready, the new Malena with 21 joints and common Malenas ; we still need to pouring the new little girls and a few males for portraits. Between March and June we will be making a lot of custom orders: a Saoirse Ronan portrait as Lady Macbeth, the nordic goddess Freya inspired in Vikings characters, a new version of our Winter and Autumm elves, an angelic fairy, a mad special hatter and more historical portrait dolls. Thanks to all for your continue support and friendship!

work in progress malena argentina ball jointed dolls
Raw porcelain pieces cleaned and polished, ready to be softfired in the electric kiln.

arte argentina muñecas bjd dolls porcelana
The old mold Meiko, in epoxy clay, now updated. At the right, the master in porcelain of the Malena doll side by side to the master in epoxy clay of the Meiko mold.

For more info about how to order and about the currently available dolls you can check our online stores or to ask directly to :

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