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More interesting stuff, for me at least, are being prepared to go to the kiln. The large doll need to wait a little, because the kiln is almost full and there is no place in this firing to put that big pieces inside, but together with the normal dolls, and the new chibi ones, there is also some one of a kind pieces that we are making for future dolls. I am sure that most of our followers remember this particular doll that we made a few years ago:

Well, I always have very special feelings for that doll, which, for the record, is already sold, and for a long time I have been playing with the idea of make a new masked character, or, for being more precisely, three of them :) !!!

As in the Musicians series, this will be a series too, a very limited one, in this case of only three dolls each series, that I intend to make at a time, in a near future. The feathered head of the mask came out of the mold in a whole piece, so each one of the feathers was highlighted and detailed individually and each one of the masks has its own special face features. I don't want to say yet who this three girls will be , but I can anticipate some mythological roots for these characters, and that they will be decorated with the decoupage technique in a similar way than the doll top above.

But they will be not alone, because we are also preparing accessories for other doll triads.

I put a special effort in the details of this masks. Fernando made a lot of cool accessories and now I have a lot of fun making intricate details!!! In the mask on the left I engraved all the entire surface with stylized art nouveau motifs, wich match very well with the Moebius style of the mask. I love Art Nouveau, love the work of Moebius and love the Venetian Carnival, and these mask have a little of each one in it. Also I think there is an little bit influence of Juan Gimenez, but is difficult to say what exactly is the main source of inspiration. I have passed many time enjoying the art of those great masters and is possible that some things just stay in the bottom of my mind just waiting for the proper time to pop out. In the mask of the right I think I was a little bit crazy while working because I like to experiment new things and instead of just engraving the porcelain I begin to carve it. This is raw porcelain, so you can imagine how fragile is, but I prefer always to work this way, I am comfortable with the characteristics of the material and I was very, very carefull :D. Now, after all that work, I begin to imagine how would look a doll with her body engraved and carved this way :3.

The carved back, in progress.

There is a lot of projects coming, so I have no idea of when we can finish all of them, but just stay tuned and soon we will come back with more news.
Greetings for all!!!


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