New bjd dolls on process

Some new stuff in progress, working on raw porcelain.
There have been many projects during the past months on my desk and these are some of them.

bjd argentina argentinian dollmakers
argentina bjd dollmakers

porcelain bjd argentina
porcelain ball jointed dolls argentina
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 You can see in the kiln how tiny is the torso in comparison with our normal dolls which measures 29 cms. tall of final height. See how he look in my hand, the left arm is not finished yet and some details need more work, but he looks very sweet right now.
There are at least four different heads, two torso types, two pairs of different legs and two pairs of arms in different positions. We will see how they work after the firing. This are prototypes pieces, and the final pieces will be much more tiny due to the shrinking process of the porcelain. They will have only five ball joints, but, who knows, I like challenges and the perspective of get a very very tiny articulation is too much tempting :D .

porcelain bjd argentina

On the other hand, we are working on a very large doll prototype. Again, this will be not the final size, because the porcelain will shrink at the kiln and the final master pieces will be casted again in plaster to get the final copies of the doll. At the left of the picture you can see the normal feet of our dolls and, on the right, the new feet. 
bjd argentina
At the bottom, a pair of arms of the little guys in the cleaning process and my two favourite homemade tools: a tape reinforced bisturí and an embroidery needle. Also we use very soft brushes to give a satin finish to the porcelain. The pieces are very fragile at the greenware stage, but you can work on it as long as you want, and because it is moisturized, there is no so much flying dust that can damage your lungs as in the dry cleaning system.


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