New female ball jointed porcelain prototype doll

Hi there!!!
As I told you before, since from a couple of months ago we are in the process of filling the kiln and we are almost there, just a tray more and the firing will begin, not only with our usual dolls, males and females, also with several new projects that can finally give the final push. Lately my desk is a small chaos of the most diverse parts from new very small dolls, with only five joints to a new doll prototype, with a completely new body and from the beginning worked with a different method. These new parts are only prototypes, this is not its ultimate size because porcelain will shrink in the oven and then final molds will be made with these pieces. Unlike the first dolls, whose originals were worked in epoxy putty, in this case Fernando made a rough original  in plasticera, plaster casts were made to get a copy of this sketch and all the final details and polishing are being worked directly on the raw porcelain. These dolls will be much smaller than they look in the pictures.
And this is a preview of the new girl side by side with our first model!

argentina dollmaking art

Arms and legs are still intact, worked in one big piece until they are symmetrical to each other and as anatomically correct as possible considering the round joints will visually interfere with the natural human shapes of the body. When this stage is completed the knees and elbows will be cut and the joint system will be worked apart.
This is the first time that all my usual tools seems too tiny T_T !!! While I was working on smaller faces and hands I got to use sewing needles and brushes number one, so for this girl had to collect some quite large tools , brushes and even sandpaper.

 I find the parts very heavy compared to the previous dolls,which measures only 29 cms. tall in contrast with this new project which in this stages measures more than 60 cms. tall. But i don't complain, because on this scale there is more freedom to work fine details, specially in hands, feet and, of course, face features. It is a new and different world and there is still too much fascinating work ahead !!!

See you soon with more news! Greetings!!!


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