Malena, a tango bjd porcelain doll, new mold!

We are very glad to introduce you our new doll sculpt:
tango doll ball jointed doll

Malena is the name we choose for our most newly doll mold. She was made during this year, 2016, from our original sculpted doll.
bjd dolls porcelain ball jointed dolls

argentina bjd ball jointed dolls bjddolls porcelana

As with our other dolls, the process involves several steps: first, we create a wax sculptor prototype, from which we make a first set of plaster molds. A single copy is casted in porcelain, refined in the raw stage, fired at bisque temperature, revised and then finally highfired to 1245 Cdegrees. The result is the original doll from which the definitive molds are made.
We are proud of her, she is sensual and very poseable, has a tiny waist, delicate hands, a tender expresion and an elegant breast. She is very diferent from our very first doll, our medium girl mold, which is already three years old.

bjd argentina dollsbjd arg art dolls

bjd argentina dolls arte muñecas tango malena porcelain

As with all our dolls, this mold will be available as blank doll, nude doll or full costumed doll.
The Malena doll is 35 cms. tall, has 18 points of articulation, is painted with acrylics and protected with satin lacquer. The wig is fixed, made in synthetic hair.


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