New china painted line "Salamander" : mermaid "Cyrene"

 Hi everyone! I am very very happy to introduce you "Cyrene", the first finished doll of our new luxury line "Salamander". This line will be entirely painted with china paints (third fire porcelain pigments), technique that elevate our dolls to a new level. China paints are fused at a molecular level to the porcelain surface and it will never fade or peel, nor be affected by moisture or light, or can be scratched. It is completely impervious to elements.

We still will continue working also with the acrylic and lacquer finishing in a separated line, the same way we used to do it, so everyone who wish one of our dolls could have one.

Cyrene is the name of this mermaid doll, and I begun to make her in 2019. She is made with non translucent porcelain softfired first at 750C degrees. All the scales were engraved by hand with a needle in the bisque stage. Usually I engrave dolls at the raw stage, but the bisque stage, despite the bigger difficulty, allows to do smaller and precise details. Then the pieces were fired to maturity at 1245 C degrees.

All the pieces are painted with third fire pigments or china paints, that are special vitrifiable paints that are permanently bonded to the porcelain surface. China paints are translucent colors, that need to be applied in several thin layers to acchieve all the vibrance and deep of the colors, being fired between each layer at 750 C degrees. Some pieces, as the face, has more than ten china firings. The process gets significantly longer, because between the time thats takes to the kiln to raise temperature and to expect the kiln to cool down is necessary to wait at least a complete day. This doll is also different because her mermaid body has modifications from the original mold. My other mermaids had tails made entirely in porcelain, while "Cyrene" has iridiscent translucent fins.

Her body is embellished with tiny applications of synthetic pearls and tiny micro gems. The wig is magnetic, detachable, reinforced with a wire structure over the silicone cap to avoid distortions with the use and made with super soft and silky deep red mohair. The crown is handmade with steel flexible wire, metallic filigrees, czech faceted crystals and rounded tiny crystal beads, sewed to the structure with cooper fine wire. The collar is made with crystal rounded and faceted beads. She has a natural leather protection on each joint to allow a smooth rotation. It is assembled with steel hooks and elastic cords. Includes her own custom stand.

Her price fullset will be USD 880. Shipping is worldwide and free during all December month. Cyrene también está ya disponible en mi Tienda Nube Argentina :)

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