Progressing on china paints!

 Hi everyone! I have been absent some days from my social media and busy as a bee !!! Now finally I got something I think it worths to share, I am painting with china paints! There are so many things that can fail in this technique, and it it was so challenging for me to learn about this media, I am delaying this task since 2019, just giving it a few moments from time to time... I can not tell you how happy I am, how satisfying is to finally feel I am getting somewhere, how sweet is the sensation to open the kiln and found all those bright, beautiful, intense colors that will never fade, never scratch or peel or will be affected by any nature element. Each color has its temper, each porcelain type demands its own special treatment. I will be sharing some comparison pictures of befores and afters of this very long term process to show you some things that happened during the process. Some of these girls will be available before New Year, I promise! And dont worry, I will still keep my acrylic painted dolls line in parallel with these ones. Both media has its own beauty and I will continue with my original technique. There is a lot of work in my desk now, the colors are calling me, so I see you soon!!!

Have a nice day 😘😘😘


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