Custom orders open for October 2022- January 2023

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Custom orders are again open for the following dates:

Blank and nude dolls: estimated delivery date is for OCTOBER 2022
Mermaids and costumed dolls: estimated delivery date is NOVEMBER 2022
China painted dolls, costumed or nude: estimated delivery date would be DECEMBER 2022. If the costume is complex or the doll include tattoos, the delivery date can be extended to January 2023. 

Each listing includes a time estimate.

Layaway is available. We ship worlwide.

Check for sample listings on 

or , if you want something special, contact to:

 IG Amado Gravagno Porcelain BJD (@porcelainbjd) • Fotos y videos de Instagram  

FB Paulina Gravagno

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Blossom. Available.


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