Hi everyone😁! I am very glad to announce that I have beaten technology XDDD I was able to finally set up an integration of my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/Porcelainbjddolls with Printful, FB and Instagram ( so the store can be accessed from there too)🤪 So besides the available and made to order dolls you will find too some of my art,  old and new,  as digital download or prints. Many of these drawings and paintings was the inspiration for my first dolls and I have a special love for them. Many others are my tattoo designs for my dolls, that you can see in the other listings, in my facebook albums or in the featured stories of my instagram.

I am looking for more of my old art to  rescue and scan for you, hope they make your life a little more beautiful and happy, just the way they do for me :


Have a lovely day 😘😘😘





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